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Internal Garden Taskforce

The Internal Garden taskforce aims at bringing an ever greener harmony to CCU. The building gathers unique conditions - such as solar exposure, climate, moisture - that call for a greater utilisation of greenery with potential benefits for the building in terms of air quality, energy use or even community engagement.


The initiative first started with the idea of building a herbs and greens garden at the CCU, by and for the community. One of our goals with this garden would be to make it as low impact, environmental-wise, possible - namely by using laboratory waste such as Eppendorf tubes in a watering system and by composting lawn and fruit peels and utilising it as a fertiliser. 

Lately and partially motivated by the construction of the new building, we have been contemplating the possibility of having a green roof or a vertical garden. We have gathered a list of companies that specialise in that area and are looking into technical requirements and budget for each of the options to be able to structure a proposal.

Taskforce status: Standby

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