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Green Networks

The Green Team @ CCU took part in the kick-off meeting of the Green Labs Portugal (GLPT) on October 1st, 2021. Representatives from different national research institutes, gathered for an introductory meeting to start joining efforts to change the national setting regarding environmental sustainability in research. The goal was to introduce existing 'green initiatives', share achievements and ideas, and plan the next steps. This first GLPT meeting counted with representatives from 10 different institutes/initiatives:

         i3S | InnovPlantProtect | ITQB | CCU | IGC | CoLife | IMM | FCUP | iBimed | MyGreenLab

GLPT meets quarterly to update and re-define strategies. More recently, GLPT joined the Sustainable European Laboratories Network (SELs,, officially launched in March 2022. In order to be represented in the SELs website, the GLPT has acquired a domain and will now acquire a website location. This website will host the information of the GLPT activities as well as information and links of the different ‘green initiatives’ of the Portuguese institutions involved.


Taskforce status: Ongoing

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