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Clean Ocean Club

A recent report states that about one garbage truck's worth of plastic gets dumped in the ocean every minute. To fight this, we have started a running series of local coastal clean up events, where we litter pick along the street and coast from CCU to Alges Beach.

With 2 successful beach cleans so far, and a third one just coming up, we have prevented a lot of waste from entering the ocean.


Clean up #1 on 25th September 2021 - 103 kg over 2.5km

Plastic recycling 5.2kg

Paper recycling 1.1kg

General waste 81.2kg

Cigarette buds 2.5L worth

Bicycle 15kg


Top 3 items: cigarette buds, styrofoam, fly away plastic

Clean up #2 on 20th June 2022 - 23 kg over 2.5km

Plastic recycling 7.1kg

Paper recycling 2.7kg

General waste 12.8kg

Cigarette buds 8L worth


Top 3 items: cigarette buds, fly away plastic, masks

Please join us on our next coastal clean up - basic equipment is provided, friends & family are welcome and we usually finish the activity by rewarding ourselves with margaritas and tacos - what a win win!

Taskforce status: Ongoing

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