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Sustainability Officer

The Green Team @ CCU continues strong in its commitment to drive change toward better environmental practices in our institution. We take great pride, ownership and responsibility over our workplace and we know there is still much more we can do. We are very motivated to be an example to our peers, motivating the CCU community to the goal of having an environmentally responsible workplace. We also aim to take that example and share it with the medical and scientific communities we belong to, hoping to inspire others to join the path of change. The science and medicine of the future can only be guaranteed if they evolve to less impactful, therefore sustainable, practices that ensure the same excellent results. In fact, the scientific funding agencies are already favouring this trend, by requesting sustainability statements in their applications, or, in the case of FCT, the correlation with the 2030 UN Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals. With the continued prospects of growth for the Foundation, we cannot stress enough how important, in fact, how crucial for the environmental, but also financial sustainability of our activities it would be to have a formal Sustainability Strategy that would support decision-making in the necessary adaptations we will all be pushed to make in the years to come. We urge the Champalimaud Foundation’s Board of Administration to consider the inclusion of a Sustainability Manager at CF. 

Taskforce status: Ongoing

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