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Towards a Greener Champalimaud Clinic!

This week, several members of the Champalimaud Breast Unit (CBU) and friends (Recovery & Intensive Care Unit, and Anesthesia) met at a Zoom Zapping meeting, to share their ideas on how to implement more sustainable work practices. These meetings will happen twice a year within CBU's weekly Scientific Meetings.

Different aspects were addressed in order to reduce CBU's healthcare carbon footprint: from in house patient care to hospital waste reduction, to reducing the carbon footprint of trips to the health facilities... you name it! With a very positive engagement from all participants, in a very focused and organized way, the meeting reflected the focus and efficiency that so well characterize the CBU!

If you want to know more, check out the information shared during the meeting (pdf below) and get to know the green ideas presented for: Anesthesia; Intensive Care; Pathology; Radiology; Oncology; Surgery; Digital Nursing & Research.

Thanks to all the participants and may this be the first meeting of many, towards a real green impact!

Green Team Clinical Session
Download PDF • 10.60MB

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