About Us

We are a grassroots movement of Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU) staff inspired to reduce waste production as well as energy and water consumption, to achieve improved environmental performance.


Help transform the CCU into a positive example of environmental sustainability in research, medicine and workplace practices.


In 2019, we started out as a small group called the Trash Reducers and encouraged reduction, reuse and recycling of food packaging, single use plastic and started a recycling scheme for disposable coffee capsules, the bulk buying of reusable coffee capsules and including ‘Green Tips’ in our weekly newsletter. As participation increased from all areas of the CCU, we morphed into the more inclusive Green Team.


Currently, we have a mailing list comprised of 90+ interested participants and hold a 1 hour meeting every 2 weeks with different formats:

  • Forum: A space for new ideas, introductions to new people, and discussions of GT priorities and progress.

  • Focus: A time where the coordinator (or another member) of each taskforce will give an update of their progress.

The Steering Committee is committed to providing advice, ensuring delivery of project outputs and achieving project outcomes. This may include providing updates to the CF Board.