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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A few months ago, we started posting 'Green Tips' on a weekly basis in the CR Newsletter, reminding our colleagues to #1 Turn off your monitors and #5 Bring your own mug to beer hour.

In an attempt to keep some “normality” in this new reality of COVID19, and trying to keep our research community connected and green, the Green Team will continue posting some ‘Green Tips' - home edition. These will be tips that may help reduce and reuse resources at home. Hopefully, some of them will even provide suggestions for new hobbies and ways to keep your family entertained!

If you have any ideas that you’d like to share with us, just send them our way!


Há alguns meses, começamos a partilhar semanalmente 'Dicas verdes' na CR Newsletter, relembrando os nossos colegas de #1 Desligar os monitores e #5 Trazer a sua própria caneca para a beer hour.

Na tentativa de manter alguma “normalidade” nesta nova realidade do COVID19, e tentando manter nossa comunidade conectada e verde, a Green Team continuará a partilhar algumas ‘Dicas Verdes' - edição casa. Serão dicas que podem ajudar a reduzir e reutilizar recursos em casa. Alguns deles até poderão fornecer sugestões de novos hobbies e maneiras de manter a família entretida!

Se tiver alguma ideia que gostaria de partilhar, basta enviá-la para nós!

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