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2nd annual Clean Up & Green Up Week

The Green Team @CCU together with the Operations Unit, are happy to announce a new Clean Up & Green Up Week taking place on November 21-25.

This time we’ll have a 2 in 1: our Annual Lab Clean Up AND a Festive Swap Shop with home items.

Because a cleaner and more functional workspace is a better workspace, we’ll be having our Annual Lab Clean Up .

What we'll ask from all labs / units / platforms is to:

  • Clean and declutter your individual and shared workspaces (inc. open lab, experimental rooms, lab fridges and freezers);

  • Dispose of any expired reagents and old samples;

  • For details on how to dispose of different waste (and much more!), check CR’s Health and Safety page;

  • We will provide cleaning materials (cloths, ethanol, bin bags, etc). If you have any special requests, let us know;

  • This time, instead of an on site Flea Market for lab items, if your lab has superfluous items that you think other labs may find useful, there will be a Virtual Flea Market sheet to offer / request whatever is available!

Given the success of the Spring Swap Shop back in April, we will now promote a Festive Swap Shop . The festive season is usually a time of huge consumption when many of us give and receive piles of (often unwanted) gifts. What if we could do it in a more sustainable and circular (not to mention cheaper!) way? Start gathering unwanted - but in good shape / usable - items from your home to then bring to the CCU and find new owners. Clothes, kitchen items, toys, books, electronics - whatever you’ve got, it might be perfect for someone else’s Auntie or Grandfather!

Mark the date on your calendars - November 21-25 - and start scavenging & preparing!

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